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Join In and Share the #EndChildPoverty Press Conference and Plan

Our collective voices are key to making sure ending child poverty is top priority for policy makers. Background: Read California’s End Child Poverty Plan and press release announcing the plan. Click for social sharing images and quotes from Child Poverty Task Force members. Add an image to your posts so you can tag additional people and… Read More »

MEDIA ADVISORY: Rally to End Child Poverty on Capitol Steps Monday, Dec. 3

MEDIA ADVISORY Contact: Yusef Robb, 323-384-1789 RALLY TO END CHILD POVERTY ON CAPITOL STEPS MONDAY, DEC. 3 Groups Urge Legislative Action on New State Task Force Plan to End Deep Child Poverty in Four Years, Affecting 450,000 CA Children EDS — See LA Times Story: WHAT: End Child Poverty CA , a project of GRACE, and… Read More »

PRESS RELEASE: State Poverty Task Force Issues Plan to End Deep Child Poverty

For Immediate Release Contact: Yusef Robb, 323-384-1789 STATE POVERTY TASK FORCE ISSUES PLAN TO END DEEP CHILD POVERTY IN FOUR YEARS; WOULD AFFECT 450K CA CHILDREN Action Plan Would Also Reduce Overall Child Poverty in California by 50%, Affecting 1.9 Million Children Yearly SACRAMENTO — The state Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force issued… Read More »

The Momentum is Building

In September, the Child Poverty Task Force was in Oakland and then Sacramento talking to communities and collaborating on California’s first-ever comprehensive, statewide plan to eliminate deep child poverty and dramatically reduce overall child poverty. In Oakland we heard from a parent that “Children deserve to be safe, healthy, loved, and protected.” Isn’t that what… Read More »

Keeping the California Dream Alive

California is the only state in the union with its very own dream. For generations, people have flocked to this state with hopes of a better future—to fulfill their “California Dream.” Today, that dream is beginning to dim. A new report showed that nearly two-thirds (64%) of Californians say they would tell young people in… Read More »

A smarter system starts in Los Angeles

Make no mistake: working families in Los Angeles face countless challenges when trying to get ahead. From skyrocketing rents to the jaw-dropping cost of childcare, families on a budget have difficult choices to make every single day. That’s what makes organizations like our partners Shields for Families so essential. We recently visited their ASK program… Read More »

Fresno shows us how it’s done.

  People ask us all the time: “How can we possibly end child poverty?” Here’s the good news: In California, we have the answers. We just need the courage and will to finally bring proven methods to bear state-wide. In many ways, Fresno is a model for this state-wide approach to fighting child poverty. Thanks… Read More »

Voices of the Movement: Ilene Garcia

You know the story. A teen mom drops out of high school. Gives in to depression. Gives up on life. Thanks to Youth Policy Institute (YPI), that’s not my story. When I held my son for the first time, I felt pride, joy, but most of all terror. I was raised by a single mom… Read More »

“Something is going on here.” – Voices from Fresno

Far too often, decisions are made from the top down that affect hardworking people across the state. This campaign has always been about families first, which is why we’re committed to listening before we talk. We want to learn what’s truly working—and what isn’t—so we can create a comprehensive plan that ends deep child poverty… Read More »

It’s a start

Dear Fellow Californian, Last Friday, we took a step forward in our movement to end deep child poverty once and for all in our state. Thanks to the work of the California State Legislature and the Brown Administration — as well as the voices of concerned Californians like you — our new state budget strengthens… Read More »