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It’s a start

Dear Fellow Californian, Last Friday, we took a step forward in our movement to end deep child poverty once and for all in our state. Thanks to the work of the California State Legislature and the Brown Administration — as well as the voices of concerned Californians like you — our new state budget strengthens… Read More »

Courage, compassion, and will

I’m frustrated and you should be, too. Here’s why: We know how to end child poverty in the fifth largest economy in the world. Yet 1 in 5 California children still wakes up hungry or on the edge of homelessness. Every. Single. Day. The good news: There’s a simple way you can make a big… Read More »

Voices of the Movement: Laura Lomeli & Andre Shirley

When you were a child and needed help, who did you call? Maybe you leaned on a parent, an aunt, or an uncle for some much-needed advice or simply a comforting voice. Ask a foster kid this same question, though, and you’ll most likely get a very different answer: nobody. As former foster youth, we… Read More »

Voices of the Movement: Sister Julie Kubasak

  You know the statistics. Nearly two million California children — that’s one in every five kids — lives in poverty. As a native Californian and a Christian, that pains me, as I’m sure it pains you and everyone who cares about the future of the state we call home. But my message to you… Read More »

Voices of the Movement: Sharonda Wade

  Here in California, we encourage our children to be anything they want to be. Maybe they dream of being a doctor, an astronaut, or even an actor. No matter who they are, though, one thing no child dreams of being is hungry. That includes children from low-income families and especially children who live, breathe,… Read More »

Do Your Taxes for Free. Get Your Money.

If budgets are tight in your family—and for most Californians, they are—then you probably dread tax season. But if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, taking the time to claim a good return can keep food on the table. It takes an expert’s eye to get it right, but not everyone can hire an accountant. Luckily, our partners… Read More »

What if your life was decided in six minutes?

    A mere six minutes into her life, an infant born in poverty in California is already five times more likely to drop out of school and has a 70 percent chance of staying trapped in poverty as an adult. For a state that prides itself on being a place of big dreams and limitless opportunity, California can and must… Read More »

The Fight is On

You may find it hard to believe, but California — where 1 in 5 children lives in poverty — has never launched a comprehensive, research-backed plan to tackle this crisis head-on. We’ve done it for the environment. We’re doing it for transportation. Now, thanks to the Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force and your support,… Read More »

The Housing Crisis in Boyle Heights

Just west of the 5 freeway in the center of Boyle Heights, across the street from Evergreen Playground park, sits Our Lady of Talpa School, a K-8 school run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. We recently visited the campus and spoke with Principal John Rojas about some of the hardships… Read More »

5 Articles to Get Smart on Poverty

  Poverty is complex and and the path forward may not always seem clear or direct. We hear from a lot of people that the issue is overwhelming. As a result, they disengage. We’ve put together a list of articles to help you get smart about child poverty. The truth is it’s not that complicated,… Read More »