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APRIL 10, 2020  — In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Kamala Harris and the California Congressional delegation, End Child Poverty CA’s co-chairs Dolores Huerta and Conway Collis, on behalf of a coalition of 66 organizations, urged the inclusion of 22 “Priorities to Strengthen Families” in… Read More »

JOIN US: End Child Poverty CA Action Call w/ Rep. Karen Bass & Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta, 3-26-20

Join Congressmember Karen Bass, Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta, GRACE/ECPCA CEO Conway Collis and movement partners this Thursday, 3-26-20, from 9:30-10:30am, for an End Child Poverty California Movement Action Call as we address the COVID-19 crisis together. [MEETING LINK & CALL-IN INFO BELOW]  What started as a health crisis, COVID-19 is quickly turning into an… Read More »

End Child Poverty CA COVID-19 Anti-Poverty Stimulus Package: Cash to Vulnerable Californians

END CHILD POVERTY CA COVID-19 ANTI-POVERTY STIMULUS PACKAGE Read the Release Read the Letter to the Governor The following one -time payments respond to the current COVID-19 crisis for California’s most vulnerable children and families. They also provide an immediate economic stimulus as research shows that 80% of cash supports are spent locally. Prior to… Read More »

RELEASE: #EndChildPovertyCA Call for Emergency Aid for State’s Most Vulnerable

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE END CHILD POVERTY CA CALLS FOR EMERGENCY AID FOR STATE’S MOST VULNERABLE ***Letter Delivered to Gov/Leg from Co-Chairs Dolores Huerta & Conway Collis** SACRAMENTO — In a letter to Governor Newsom and state legislative leaders, End Child Poverty CA today called the enactment of the following emergency measures for six months of… Read More »

Letter to the Governor: Emergency Cash Aid to Vulnerable Californians

March 18, 2020 The Honorable Gavin Newsom Governor, State of California State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Governor Newsom: To help carry out your efforts to bolster the safety net for our most vulnerable families and provide direct economic stimulus we urge you to consider adoption of the one-time emergency measures listed below.… Read More »

Próxima parada: Los Ángeles

Nuestro objetivo para este año es claro como el cristal: aprobar el resto del Plan para Acabar con la Pobreza Infantil. Para hacerlo, necesitamos todas las manos  en el timón para demostrarle a los legisladores que estamos firmes y que no vamos a descansar hasta que ningún niño en California viva en pobreza extrema.  En… Read More »

Join Our L.A. 2020 Campaign Launch with Dolores Huerta & Senator Holly Mitchell

NOTE LOCATION UPDATE: St. John’s Well Child and Family Center (Rolland Curtis), 1060 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007 Let’s celebrate 2019’s End Child Poverty California wins, and get the Plan passed in FULL in 2020! Our families work hard every day. The time to end extreme child poverty is NOW. Join us on Friday, February… Read More »

End Child Poverty CA Movement 2020 Priorities

Child poverty is not a fact of nature. Together, we’ll make sure ALL our children are healthy, fed, and housed. California families are working hard to get ahead, yet we still have approximately 2 million children in poverty – and 450,000 children in extreme poverty. In 2019, the state budget invested $4.8 billion in End… Read More »

Help Us Reach 1,500 Signatures!

In January, California legislators got a visit from parents, children, and #EndChildPovertyCA partners who came to Sacramento with a simple message: We have the solutions to end extreme child poverty — now we need the political champions to join our movement. Add your voice to ours: Sign our petition TODAY to tell our legislators this is… Read More »

¿Nos hacen falta 507 firmas — nos pueden ayudar?

La semana pasada, los legisladores de California recibieron una visita de padres, hijos y colaboradores  de #EndChildPovertyCA que llegaron a Sacramento con un mensaje sencillo: tenemos las soluciones para acabar con la pobreza infantil extrema — ahora necesitamos que los campeones políticos se unan a nuestro movimiento. Agregue su voz a la nuestra: Firme nuestra… Read More »