It Takes A Village Day Of Action Brings Together Community!

On Friday March 25, the California Cradle to Career Coalition was in Oakland! With our momentum, we are going to pass the It Takes A Village Act (AB 2517, Bonta)! Our bold bill author Assemblymember Mia Bonta gathered Oakland leaders. We turned out community-based organizations, community leaders, families, and promotoras (community outreach workers). The goal: get the community-led recovery the money it needs! Fund Promise Neighborhoods! Fund Cradle to Career Networks! Let our communities lead the way. We can pass the It Takes A Village Act, Assembly Bill 2517!

During the event, the energy was contagious. There wasn’t a frown to be found. The love for our families and communities poured with dedication, laughter, warm hugs of embrace and gratification.

The work that has been done, and the continued work these organizations and community relationships are still doing was coloring the entire space!

 “It Takes A Village” Day of Action just goes to show we aren’t slowing down, we’re just getting started, TOGETHER!

Collaboration and change were brought to the event! 

You can read more about what is being said about the event here!

Note: Assembly Bill 2517, championed by Assemblymember Mia Bonta, will establish a grant program to provide funding to organizations that provide services to children and families from before birth through college and career.