IMAGINE: 2023 Policy Priorities to End Child Poverty

Our 170+ End Child Poverty CA partners and allies continue to unite in 2023! We IMAGINE a future where all our children are nourished, respected, secure, valued & FREE. In a state as rich and abundant as California, we can use our wealth to back up our values… and end child poverty: #ForwardTogether.

  • POLICY INFORMATION and communications tools below.
  • Download IMAGINE one-pager as a printable PDF: CLICK HERE.
Download as a printable PDF: CLICK HERE.

Hunger We are nourished

SB 245 (Hurtado):California Food Assistance Program: Eligibility and Benefits, AB 311 (Santiago): The Food For ALL Act

  • Purpose:
    • Provide #Food4All Californians

SB 600 (Menjivar):California CalFresh Minimum Benefit Adequacy Act of 2023

  • Purpose:
    • Create a CalFresh minimum of $50 a month
    • Support food banks through CalFood
    • Fight the 500M monthly federal hunger cliff

SB 348 (Skinner): Expanding California School Meals for All Legislation

  • Purpose:
    • Build on historic school & summer meals for all

Child Care – We are respected

AB 596 (Reyes), SB 380 (Limón): Early Learning and Care: Rate Reform

  • Purpose:
    • Provide livable wages and rates for child care based on true costs that eliminate fees.
    • Support equitable access to all ECE options that meet families needs
    • Ensure the rollout of all 200 slots

CA Budget: Support Equitable Access to All ECE options that meet families’ needs

Safety Net – We are secure

SB 227 (Durazo): Unemployment: Excluded Workers Program

AB 608 (Schiavo): Medi-Cal: Comprehensive Perinatal Services

CA Budget: Ensure kids, seniors, and persons with disabilities do not lose Medi-Cal when the public health emergency unwinds in April

Strong Communities & Tax CreditsWe are valued

AB 1321 (Bonta): California Coordinated Neighborhood and Community Services Grant Program

  • Purpose: bolster Cradle-to-Career networks to ensure equitable state investments in community

AB 1498 (Gipson): Personal Income Tax: Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Purpose: Lift the minimum CalEITC credit to $300

AB 1128 (Santiago): Young Child Tax Credit Expansion

Keeping Families Whole – We are free

SB 274 (Skinner): Suspensions and Expulsions: Willful Defiance, AB 1323 (Kalra): School Safety: Mandatory Notifications

CA Budget: Keep Families Whole

  • Purpose: Address child support disparities that disrupt families

CA Budget: End Poverty in CalWORKs & SSI/SSP

AB 310 (Arambula): CalWORKs

  • Purpose: Reimagine CalWORKs to make it family-centered & anti-racist