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Tell Congress to stop closing health centers


In January, Congress finally voted to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (Step 1), but not the thousands of clinics where children get medical care. And now hundreds of clinics in California, alone, are on the verge of shutting their doors.

What good is insurance if the clinics that accept it are closed?

Tell your Congressperson to keep the lights on and doors open at these vital health centers:

“I demand Congress extend CHIP funding and protect health care coverage for 1.3 million CA kids.”

In California alone, an estimated 300,000 patients could lose access to checkups, immunizations, and emergency care. The L.A. Times reports that 15,000 kids could see clinics disappear from their schools—and that’s just in L.A. and Compton.

Our Congress can’t deny funding for community health care, line the pockets of the rich, and hope we won’t notice. We’re standing up and saying no. Add your name.


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