End Child Poverty CA Movement 2020 Priorities

Child poverty is not a fact of nature. Together, we’ll make sure ALL our children are healthy, fed, and housed.

California families are working hard to get ahead, yet we still have approximately 2 million children in poverty – and 450,000 children in extreme poverty. In 2019, the state budget invested $4.8 billion in End Child Poverty Plan recommendations to address the crisis. Additional key investments remain. Our children can’t wait another year.

#EndChildPovertyCA 2020 Movement Priorities

  1. The Child Poverty Tax Credit: Get families the money they need so they don’t have to choose between having a place to live, putting gas in the car, or paying for child care. Families are striving to escape extreme poverty; they know how to best spend their money; we can provide the boost for them to do it. This proposal alone, when fully implemented, will eliminate deep child poverty.
  2. Child Care: Improve access to child care and make sure child-care workers can afford to send their own children to preschool or daycare, because child care is a lifeline to keep parents working and families stable.
  3. Housing Supports: Increase overall housing availability and reduce evictions so that children and families don’t face the trauma and stress of homelessness. 
  4. Health Care: Strengthen and expand community-based and school-based health care clinics to meet families where they are so they can get the care they need to keep them learning and working. 
  5. Coordination of Services: Continue to improve the cost-effectiveness of programs that support families, focusing on community-based, collaborative, research-based solutions.

Download a printable version of the 2020 #EndChildPovertyCA Priorities

The End Child Poverty in California campaign is sponsored by GRACE (Gather, Respect, Advocate, Change, Engage) and the End Child Poverty Institute to end extreme child poverty and reduce overall child poverty in California.  In close partnership with the Dolores Huerta Foundation, we are working to increase support and community engagement across the state. We invite you to be part of the movement to address the highest child poverty rate in the nation by implementing simple solutions to a complex issue. 

Help Us Reach 1,500 Signatures!

In January, California legislators got a visit from parents, children, and #EndChildPovertyCA partners who came to Sacramento with a simple message: We have the solutions to end extreme child poverty — now we need the political champions to join our movement.

Add your voice to ours: Sign our petition TODAY to tell our legislators this is the year to end extreme child poverty in California — and help us reach our NEW 1,500-signature goal!
Parents, children, and partners at the #Together4Kids2020 advocacy event in Sacramento where we sent the message that ALL our kids should be healthy, fed, & housed
In Sacramento, Parent Voices California parent Monique Rosas reminded legislators that California’s child poverty rate isn’t a failure of people — it’s a result of divestment in public systems for communities and families. “Not being able to afford childcare or housing has a lot to do with the broken system, not the people,” she said. “We will continue to fight until our children are housed, fed, and supported in love.” 

We have a chance to repair that broken system this year, and support among our elected leaders is growing. The Governor’s budget already includes three of our five legislative priorities for 2020: These are wins you helped achieve! And now, we’re going all in to tell legislators that it’s time to pass all five.

Will you sign our petition TODAY to help us reach our NEW 1,500-signature goal?
We are so grateful to our partner, the California Alternative Payment Program Association, for organizing #Together4Kids2020, and to dozens of partners like Children Now, California Association of Food Banks, Parent Voices California, Western Center on Law & Poverty, Hayward Promise Neighborhood, Alameda County Community Food Bank, and MORE who showed up with their voices and their signs!

California is the richest place in the nation, with more millionaires and billionaires than any other state. Ending extreme child poverty here isn’t a pipe dream. It’s something we can and will achieve — with the help of our legislators, our partners, and you.

In Solidarity,
Jackie Thu-Huong Wong
Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
End Child Poverty CA

#EndChildPovertyCA Statement on Gov. Newsom’s #CABudget Release

January 13, 2020 – On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom released his proposed 2020-2021 state budget (click for full budget or budget press conference). At GRACE and End Child Poverty California, we look forward to working with our leaders to ensure that a key missing element — the Child Poverty Tax Credit — is implemented this year, as well as other End Child Poverty Plan recommendations. ALL of our children deserve to be healthy, fed, and housed, and they simply can’t wait another year.

Read the statement from our CEO Conway Collis:

“The Governor’s proposed budget is wise in many ways, but fails to lift 450,000 children out of extreme poverty. We need the Child Poverty Tax Credit now. 450,000 children are waiting on Sacramento to fully enact California’s End Child Poverty Plan. We have to make sure it happens.

“California’s children living in extreme poverty are struggling to survive as their families face homelessness, food insecurity, and toxic stress. The lives of these children are at stake. If we don’t act now, they, and state taxpayers, will pay the price for their entire lives, whether through higher child-welfare and foster-care costs, increased homelessness, higher school drop-out rates or lost revenue resulting from unemployment and under-employment.  

“The Governor wisely proposes increased support for families in homelessness, to help keep struggling families in their homes, as well as nation-leading health care measures, in this year’s budget. Those investments build on last year’s transformative increases in health care, tax credits for families, childcare and early childhood education and other End Child Poverty Plan recommendations. 

“This year’s budgetary caution is understandable given recession concerns and potential federal cutbacks. But it is unconscionable to leave 450,000 California children mired in extreme poverty.  These children represent an unaddressed crisis of human suffering that will only add stress to the state’s budget.

“We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature between now and May to further enact the End Child Poverty Plan, including the Child Poverty Tax Credit, which addresses the root causes of poverty, stabilizes families, and ultimately saves California billions of dollars each year. The 450,000 children living in extreme poverty need help now.  Since we have the resources and a cost- effective plan to lift them from poverty, we have an obligation to do so.”

-Conway Collis, President & CEO of GRACE and End Child Poverty California

For more information about the End Child Poverty Plan, visit  https://www.endchildpovertyca.org/#theplan.

Follow us on Twitter for more budget reactions from our #EndChildPovertyCA partners and collaborators.

Partner Spotlight: Parent Voices

Soon after achieving her dream of owning a hair salon, Jacquelyne Gettone encountered a problem familiar to many parents: She couldn’t find affordable child care that she trusted close to home.

“I had to close my business because I couldn’t afford child care,” she says.

Jacquelyne has now been on California’s subsidized child care waiting list for over a year — and she’s still waiting. “For many families, the waiting list is really the No Hope List,” she says. “It leaves me heartbroken. Eighty-five percent of [children on the waiting list] are children of color. My son Matthew is one of them. The odds are stacking up against him as an African-American boy.”

“Being on the waitlist means spending three to four hours per day commuting, not being able to afford a reliable car, loss of time to spend with my children, having to miss out on my kids’ school and sports activities…It means living paycheck-to-paycheck. It’s made me feel hopeless, frustrated, and stressed.”
– Jacquelyne Gettone, Parent Voices

Jacquelyne is fighting to create more opportunities for families like hers. She’s a member of Parent Voices, one of our End Child Poverty California partners, and traveled from Contra Costa to Sacramento this spring to share her story with state legislators.

Parent Voices is a parent-led organization dedicated to making quality child care accessible and affordable to all families. They work hard to put the experiences of parents at the center of policy decisions, and provide powerful reminders of what’s at stake in our state: Parents are losing jobs and quitting school because of a lack of child care.

To learn more about the important work Parent Voices is doing to expand our families’ access to quality child care, follow @ParentVoicesCA on Twitter.

When the voices of parents unite with those of policy makers, partners, and allies like you, big things happen. Together, just this year, we got $5 billion of the End Child Poverty Plan into the state budget, including 12,500 new childcare slots, 10,000 full-day preschool slots, and childcare guarantees without interruption! 

Jacquelyne (left) and other Parent Voices parent leaders attending a budget hearing at the Capitol.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together with partners like Parent Voices. There’s more work to do to #EndChildPovertyCA, and I look forward to showing up with you — and all our amazing partners — to get even more done in 2020.


Jackie Thu-Huong Wong
Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
End Child Poverty CA

His Own Words: Brian King, Fresno EOC Street Saints, “How Do We Feed the World, But Starve Our Kids?”

Brian King of the Fresno Street Saints, speaks in Fresno on May 18, 2019, as part of the End Child Poverty Bus Tour. Read Brian’s full speech below. Photo credit: Fernando Rios

Brian King is the director and co-founder of the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission Street Saints. He grew up in poverty on Chicago’s South Side. Brian served as a member of California’s statewide Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force that created the End Child Poverty Plan. As our CEO Conway Collis said, “It’s with Brian King’s leadership that we’re going to get this done.”

Brian joined us for the entire 2019 End Child Poverty in California Bus Tour, and spoke multiple times, including this powerful speech in front of his hometown crowd in Fresno.


Praise God. I’m appointed to speak to you guys first about what I’m experiencing. So first without any further ado, let me give thanks to God for me even being here. It’s only through Him that I’m here. You know, they wrote me off and said I would never live to be 15, but it’s only thanks to God that I’m here a couple ticks away from 60.

Then I want to give thanks to my mother and mothers like her who went to bed hungry so that we couldn’t taste what poverty felt like. And so for the mothers who have put themselves in those positions and continue to do so to this day, I want to salute you guys: mothers who have went without so that we can.

Brian King, director, Fresno EOC Street Saints, May 2019

I want to talk to you on a couple of deals – with two hats – the first hat is poverty. I am a direct descendent of poverty. I have experienced all the DNA of poverty. I’ve went from an 8-year-old gang member, to 14-year-old drug addict, to an incarcerated teenager, to a 21-year-old homeless addict walking around on the South Side of Chicago just waiting to die.

I have cleaned up, and went back to the streets and became one of the most significant and largest drug dealers in the city of Chicago. I have everything that’s made up of a young African-American male that’s walked the impoverished community.

But then I came to Fresno and I found a man name Jesus. And now the other hat I wear is a battle against poverty.

And my question to us in Fresno is “How do we feed the world, but starve our kids?”

It is a tragedy that we live in the second highest concentrated poverty area in the nation. And we’re not alone. In our travels, I’ve been able to go through San Diego to here. And what I’ve seen has really broke my spirit. I met a young 26-year-old lady in San Diego named Monique that has all the DNA that I have from these impoverished neighborhoods. But she has a 4-year-old kid that she’s trying to raise on $540 a month.

But she’s fighting.

And she was so excited to see the [End] Childhood Poverty bus come up that she encouraged me to keep on. Because sometimes this deal gets hard. But as we continue to go on, I’ve seen the governor come to a community where the community came around and said, “No more.” We’re going to stand, and we’re going to fight, and we’re going to figure this whole deal out.”

Then we went and met a senator that’s working with a group of ladies that held hands and talked about how we can overcome.

And so as we continue to walk through this path of created suffering—through Pomona and through our travel halfway across this state, I’ve been able to sit an hour with people on the bus and sit in hotels in the evening and just look at the glimmer of hope that we come together to try to end poverty throughout the whole state.

There is a battle ahead of us. But coming from impoverished neighborhoods, we battle every day.

And we know this ain’t nothing but a step. So we’re here today to say, “Fresno, we need you. We need you to go out and use your influence. We need you to begin to go. And those of you who’ve not registered to vote, we need you to go register. We need you guys that sit in City Hall and that sit in these lobbying seats to begin to lobby. We need our elected officials to come together and hold hands with San Diego, with L.A., with Weedpatch.

We were there this morning. And I sat there and I watched a community that had almost nothing, give us their best. They cooked breakfast burritos for us. They had chips for us, water for us, and they don’t even have their own clean drinking water. But they took part, and they took place in this fight that we’re having.

Members of the Fresno EOC Street Saints at the Fresno stop on the End Child Poverty Bus Tour, May 18, 2019.

And so as we begin and continue our journey, I want to first salute you guys for coming out and taking time out your busy days to be a part of this deal. And from our Fresno Street Saints family, I love you guys. Thanks for showing up for us.

We are truly in a time and space in history, that we can right it. And so as you continue to hear the speakers that’s coming up today, I ask that you open your hearts, that you listen, because this is a message that’s coming from across the state – a universal message that we have to begin to save our children. And like all you guys, I am 1,300% with us lifting our children out of poverty.

But again, my biggest concern is our children are dying poverty. So we just ask that you listen patiently, and that you hear that there is a solution, and we want to give you that solution.


California has 450,000 children living in deep poverty. We’re also the only state with a plan to END it. Already in 2019, $3.4 billion has been put toward the End Child Poverty Plan in the 2019-2020 state budget. Investments to end child poverty will pay for themselves over time as parents and children become healthier in body, mind, and spirit, and are able to have higher lifetime earnings.

There’s more work to do. We have the research, the plan, and the momentum to end child poverty. Now we need the political and moral courage to see it through.

Join the movement: endchildpovertyca.org.

You’re Part of the 42% of Californians Who Know We Have a Child Poverty Crisis

Californians engaged to #EndChildPovertyCA in Fresno, Ca., this May

As a member of the #EndChildPovertyCA movement, you’re a part of the 42% of Californians who know there’s a child poverty crisis in our state.

I want to thank you for being engaged in this issue. Deep child poverty is not a fact of nature — it’s a result of policy, and we’re changing it together.

December is the most important fundraising month for movements like this. The more we raise now, the more ambitious we can be in 2020. Will you contribute to our growing movement today?

The needs of our children living in deep poverty can’t wait: There are almost half a million of them, and their dreams and futures are being cut short because of a lack of access to food, healthcare and, all too often, basic shelter. 

Our families are working hard to make ends meet. There’s so much more we can do together to change the underlying structures that make poverty so persistent — and California is the only state with a plan to do it. Alongside our families, our partner organizations, community leaders, and allies like you, we’re working to #PassThePlan to end deep child poverty in our state for good.

Will you contribute to help us achieve our goals for 2020, so we can get the End Child Poverty Plan passed in full?






If you can’t donate to #EndChildPovertyCA today, just remember: Most Californians don’t know there’s a child poverty crisis in our state. You can change that by sharing news about our movement with your friends — in person and online.

Share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Together, we’ll turn 42% into 100% — and make California the first state to end deep child poverty.

Thanks for all you do,

Conway Collis
President and CEO of GRACE and End Child Poverty California


End Child Poverty CA is a movement to build a bright future for ALL California kids and free our families from the cycle of poverty. If someone forwarded you this email, sign up here to get updates from End Child Poverty CA. 

Usted es parte del 42% de Californianos que saben que hay una crisis de pobreza infantil

Miembros del movimiento #EndChildPovertyCA en Fresno en mayo de 2019

Como miembro del movimiento #EndChildPovertyCA, usted es parte del 42% de Californianos que saben que hay una crisis de pobreza infantil en nuestro estado.

Quiero agradecerles por ser parte en este tema. La pobreza infantil extrema no es un hecho de la naturaleza — es el resultado de una política y juntos lo estamos cambiando.

Diciembre es el mes más importante para recaudar fondos para movimientos como este. Lo más que recaudamos ahora, más ambiciosos podemos ser en 2020. ¿Contribuirás a nuestro movimiento que está creciendo hoy?

Las necesidades de nuestros niños los cuales  viven en pobreza extrema no pueden esperar: hay casi medio millón de ellos, y sus sueños y futuros son más cortos debido a la falta de acceso a alimentos, atención médica y, con demasiada frecuencia, vivienda básica.

Nuestras familias luchan para cubrir las  necesidades de cada mes. Hay mucho más que podemos hacer juntos para cambiar las estructuras que hacen que la pobreza sea tan persistente — y California es el único estado con un plan para hacerlo. Junto con nuestras familias, nuestras organizaciones asociadas, líderes de la comunidad y aliados como usted, estamos trabajando para #PassThePlan para acabar con la pobreza infantil extrema en nuestro estado para siempre.

¿Puede contribuir y ayudarnos a alcanzar nuestras metas para el 2020, para que podamos pasar el Plan para acabar con la pobreza infantil en su totalidad?






Si no puede donar a #EndChildPovertyCA hoy, sólo recuerde: la mayoría de los Californianos no saben que hay una crisis de pobreza infantil en nuestro estado. Usted puede cambiar eso compartiendo noticias sobre nuestro movimiento con sus amigos — en persona y en las redes sociales.

Juntos, convertiremos el 42% en 100% — y haremos  que California sea el primer estado en terminar con la pobreza infantil profunda.

Gracias por todo lo que haces,

Conway Collis

Acabar con la Pobreza Infantil CA es un movimiento para construir un futuro brillante para TODOS los niños de California y liberar a nuestras familias del ciclo de pobreza. Si alguien le remitió este correo electrónico, regístrese aquí para recibir actualizaciones de Acabar con la Pobreza Infantil CA. 

Giving Tuesday: Powering Our Movement

It’s the season of giving, and we’d like you to think about your gifts. The voices, donations, and talents of our community — big or small — make this movement strong. And everyone has something to give as we build a California where all children are fed, healthy, and housed. 

2019 has been a powerful year for the End Child Poverty CA movement.

Thousands of you made our movement a huge success this year.

➡️ You spoke up for the End Child Poverty Plan.

➡️ You showed up in Chula Vista, LA, Pomona, Weedpatch, Fresno, Salinas, Oakland, and Sacramento.

➡️ You shared your stories in front of crowds of hundreds of people, in your communities and educated legislators and other officials. 

Throughout the year, the powerful testimonies of parents cut through the politics to make the needs of our communities clear. Your stories stick with us — stories like the one from Ana, who spoke on behalf or our partner Mission Promise Neighborhood. Her words continue to inspire us:

“[I’ve learned] not to keep my voice within myself but speak it out to share my knowledge so other families can advocate for their children, because we are all advocates. We just need to… speak up and say, ‘This is what I need for my children, and all of the children.’”

Community members like Ana are building momentum to power this movement in 2020. Will you chip in to power it, too?

Donate any amount





Together in 2020, we’re going to…

  • Make sure the Child Tax Credit is expanded to help children and families in extreme poverty have adequate food, housing and other essentials. It’s the most potent piece of #ThePlan to END extreme child poverty in our state.
  • Partner with civil rights leader Dolres Huerta, co-founder of the United Farmworkers and founder and president of the Dolores Huerta Foundation to build a grassroots army of Californians mobilized to end child poverty in our state for good. On-the-ground community teams will serve as local action hubs to free our families from the cycle of poverty. 
  • Organize events and rallies around the state. We’re going to remind our leaders that child poverty is a moral and political choice — not an inevitability — and we’re serious about ending it.
  • Expand our network so that we’re impossible to ignore. We’re more than tripling the number of partners and community members involved to #PassThePlan and end extreme poverty for 450,000 California children. 

Will you chip in to help us achieve our goals? Every dollar makes a difference.

We’re filled with gratitude this holiday season — and we’re also aware that there are a lot of expenses this time of year. If you can’t donate right now, please forward this email to one or two people to let them know that there’s a place for them in our growing movement to END extreme poverty for our children.

For the last forty years I’ve been involved with serving youth caught in the juvenile justice system and foster care, helping to overcome educational disadvantage and to provide desperately needed healthcare. We can end the abject poverty that so often leads to these human crisis and enormous state costs. For children in abject poverty, in and out of homelessness, their needs can’t wait. Please join us.

With gratitude,

Conway Collis
President and CEO

End Child Poverty CA is a movement to build a bright future for ALL California kids and free our families from the cycle of poverty. If someone forwarded you this email, sign up here to get updates from End Child Poverty CA. 

Giving Tuesday: Ud. hace que este movimiento sea poderoso

Mañana es Giving Tuesday (el día para dar), y queremos que pienses en tus regalos. Las voces, donaciones y talentos de nuestra comunidad – grande o pequeña – hacen que este movimiento sea fuerte. Todos tenemos algo que dar mientras construimos un California donde cada niño tiene comida, están saludables, y que tengan casa.

Miles de ustedes hicieron que nuestro movimiento fuera un éxito este año. 

➡️ Hablaron sobre el plan de Acabar con la Pobreza Infantil.
➡️ Estuvieron presentes en Chula Vista, Los Angeles, Pomona, Weedpatch, Fresno, Salinas, Oakland, y Sacramento.
➡️ Compartieron sus historias en frente de cientos de personas, en sus comunidades y educaron a legisladores y otros oficiales. 

Durante el año, los testimonios poderosos de familias rompieron las políticas para hacer claras las necesidades de nuestra comunidad. Sus historias se quedan con nosotros – historias como la de Ana, quien habló por uno de nuestros socios Una Misión Promesa. Sus palabras siguen siendo una inspiración para nosotros:

“[He aprendido] no quedarme con mi voz si no hablar y compartir mi conocimiento para que otras familias puedan también abogar por sus hijos, porque todos somos abogadores. Solo necesitamos… levantar nuestra voz y decir, ‘Esto es lo que necesito para mis niños, y todos los niños.”

Miembros de la comunidad como Ana están impulsando este movimiento en el 2020. Puede contribuir para su construcción también? 

Juntos en el 2020, vamos a…

  • Asegurarnos de que cada Crédito Fiscal por Niño sea extendido para ayudar a que niños y familias en pobreza extrema tengan la comida necesaria, casa y otras cosas esenciales. Es el pedazo más poderoso en el plan para ACABAR con la pobreza infantil extrema en nuestro estado.
  • Ser socios con líder de derechos civiles Dolores Huerta, cofundadora del United Farmworkers y fundadora de la Fundación Dolores Huerta para construir un ejército de Californianos movilizados para acabar con la pobreza infantil en nuestro estado para siempre. Equipos de la comunidad sirven como el centro de acción para liberar a nuestras familias del ciclo de pobreza. 
  • Organizar eventos y reuniones en todo el estado. Vamos a recordarle a nuestros líderes que la pobreza infantil es una decisión moral y política – no una inevitabilidad – y estamos seriamente comprometidos con terminarlo.
  • Expandir nuestra red para que sea imposible ignorar. Estamos creciendo el número de socios y miembros de la comunidad más del triple involucrados con #PassThePlan y acabar la pobreza para 450,000 de niños en California. 

Puedes donar para cumplir con nuestras metas? Cada dólar hace una diferencia.

Estamos llenos de agradecimiento este tiempo de fiestas – y también entendemos que hay muchos otros gastos para este tiempo. Si no puede donar para Giving Tuesday, por favor envíe este correo electrónico a una o dos personas para dejarles saber que hay un lugar para ellos para ayudar a crecer nuestro movimiento de ACABAR pobreza infantil extrema para nuestros niños. 

Los últimos cuarenta años de mi vida los he dedicado en servir a jóvenes en el sistema de justicia juvenil y en cuidado tutelar, ayudándoles a superar desventajas en la educación y proveer la desesperante necesidad de mejor asistencia médica. Podemos acabar con la pobreza abyecta para niños viviendo en y fuera de un hogar, desamparo, la necesidad no puede esperar. Acompáñanos. 

Con gratitud,

Conway Collis
Presidente y CEO

Acabar con la Pobreza Infantil CA es un movimiento para construir un futuro brillante para TODOS los niños en California y librar a nuestras familias del ciclo de pobreza. Si alguien te envió este correo electrónico, haz clic aquí para recibir las últimas noticias de Acabar con la Pobreza Infantil CA.

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year, the Lifting Children Out of Poverty Task Force released California’s first-ever End Child Poverty Plan. For change-makers across the state, “Pass the Plan” became a rallying call to the governor and legislative leaders to make ending extreme child poverty a top priority — and they showed that they cared.   

The plan will END extreme child poverty in California and cut overall child poverty in half. It’s bold, and it took a year of teamwork, research, and engagement to produce.  

California is the only state with a plan to end extreme child poverty. Together, we’re going to make it a reality.

Take our short survey to tell us why you’re involved!

Watch faith leaders speak at last December’s #PassthePlan release rally:

This is your plan: You helped fight for it by sharing news with your network, showing up in Sacramento and all over the state, and believing in the mission. Because of our hard work together…

  • The California legislature passed key recommendations from the plan this year. 
  • Almost $5 billion in End Child Poverty Plan investments were adopted in the state budget.
  • More than 60 organizations and 47,000 Californians have become involved to #EndChildPovertyCA — and more are joining every day.

We are incredibly grateful to you and our community. We’re sharing our gratitude now through the start of 2020, and we want to hear from you.

Take a few minutes to tell us why you’re with us.

We look forward to sharing some of your answers alongside ours on Giving Tuesday and throughout December.

With deep gratitude,

Conway, Jackie, Cristina, and the End Child Poverty CA team



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