COVID-19 Action

End Child Poverty California and our movement partners are undertaking urgent advocacy to provide relief to children and families in poverty now and into the future, focusing on our most vulnerable communities.

Act Now

1. URGENT: Has your organization signed the End Child Poverty California Movement’s Federal Stimulus letter to lawmakers? If not, click here. We are accepting new signatures through April.

2. Share your experience during this crisis. Your story and your community’s experience will help inform policies.

Children and families in poverty were struggling with housing and food insecurity prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has brought increased job losses and reduced hours, health issues and additional trauma and insecurity.

3. Urge action to include undocumented Californians in emergency COVID-19 relief and ongoing support. ALL our communities will need help to come back strong. One in ten California workers is undocumented, and they are disproportionately in the hardest hit sectors.

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4. Submit city, county, or statewide resources to add to the End Child Poverty California collection of COVID-19 Resources.

Past Actions


In March, we sent an urgent letter to the Governor asking for the adoption of the COVID-19 Anti-poverty Stimulus Package, focused on families and children in poverty. Dozens of partners joined us in the letter campaign.

End Child Poverty California Letter to the Governor from CEO Conway Collis and Dolores Huerta, President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation

End Child Poverty California Anti-Poverty Stimulus Press Release


The third federal stimulus package included almost all of our asks, taking the pressure off of California to provide the additional relief funds. However, undocumented families were left out of critical relief. Undocumented workers are in some of the hardest hit industries and these taxpayers are receiving little-to-no support. So our focus has now shifted to making sure California provides relief to ALL families.


On March 26, 2020, the End Child Poverty California movement held an organizing call with Congressmember Karen Bass, Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta, our CEO Conway Collis, and 80+ members of our movement community.


Congressmember Bass was clear that California has an opportunity to create immediate relief for undocumented Californians, as it’s unlikely the federal government will pass legislation that includes everyone in our communities.

Rep. Bass also asked for Californians to share their experiences and stories during the crisis, to help inform legislators and future policies. We are still collecting and sharing stories from across the state.


Download & listen to the End Child Poverty California movement’s first COVID-19 Action Call