Voices of the Movement: Sharonda Wade


Here in California, we encourage our children to be anything they want to be. Maybe they dream of being a doctor, an astronaut, or even an actor. No matter who they are, though, one thing no child dreams of being is hungry.

That includes children from low-income families and especially children who live, breathe, and struggle with poverty. As a social worker, I see the challenges these kids face every day. Will there be food on the table? Will they have a place to sleep at night?

These are children just like your sons, daughters, nephews, neighbors. They want a chance to thrive in life. But they need the basic resources to get where they dream of going.

That’s why I’ve joined the campaign to End Child Poverty in California — our movement to give every kid the chance at a better future.

We can’t do it alone, though. To truly end child poverty, we need every concerned Californian in this state to join with us and put pressure on our elected leaders to develop and carry out the systems of support for our young people who need it most. So please share my video with your friends, your family, and your co-workers and help grow our movement.


Sharonda Wade
Supervising Children’s Social Worker
Child Protection Agency