Join In and Share the #EndChildPoverty Press Conference and Plan

Our collective voices are key to making sure ending child poverty is top priority for policy makers.
12/3 press conference
End Child Poverty and the Poor People’s Campaign are hosting a press conference to #EndChildPoverty on Monday, December 3, at 10:15am on the North Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento.

It’s time for ACTION. Join the #EndChildPoverty & @CaliforniaPPC press conference today starting at 10:15am to call for an end to child poverty. Livestream pinned at Add your voice: tag @EndChildPovCA.

We can end deep child poverty for half a million kids. We’re at the Capitol for the @EndChildPovCA & @CaliforniaPPC press conference + rally. 10:15am livestream pinned at Let us know you’re here & share why the #EndChildPoverty fight is important to you.

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450k kids in deep poverty

There are 450K kids in deep poverty in CA. That would be CA’s 8th largest city. There’s no moral or political justification for this–especially now that CA has a research-based, community-informed plan to #EndChildPoverty. We need your help:

Organizations to tag: @Western_Center @CDFCA @ChildrenNow @CWDA @CalEITC4Me @EndChildPovCA @YPIusa

targeted child tax credit

Families in poverty know exactly what they would invest extra money in. That’s why the #EndChildPovertyPlan includes a targeted child tax credit for families in deep poverty–because $12,500 per year for a family of four is unconscionable. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @Western_Center @CDFCA @ChildrenNow @CWDA @CalEITC4Me @EndChildPovCA

The targeted child tax credit in the #EndChildPovertyPlan will let families pay for rent and medical costs. It’s based on the California Poverty Measure, which considers our high cost of housing & out-of-pocket medical expenses. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @CalBudget @PPIC @CenterPovIneq @MathPolResearch @Western_Center @CDFCA @ChildrenNow @CWDA @CalEITC4Me @EndChildPovCA

child care

Right now when parents in deep poverty apply for child care, they get days or weeks. You can’t rise out of poverty without safe, reliable care. That’s why guaranteed child care for kids 0-8 in deep poverty is part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. Sign on:

Organizations to tag: @First5CA @First5LA @ChildrenNow @CCRC4Kids @CDFCA @CAPPAadvocacy @CWDA @KidAlliance @EndChildPovCA

promise neighborhoods

With Promise Neighborhoods, programs in communities are coordinated so families get the support they need with less red tape. That’s why expanding #PromiseNeighborhoods is part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @YPIusa @HaywardPromise @EndChildPovCA

eviction protections

Family homelessness is on the rise in California. Families who can afford it may only find RVs and trailers with no running water to live in. That’s why eviction protections are part of California’s #EndChildPovertyPlan. Sign on:

Organizations to tag: @CountyofLA @CWDA @CRLA @EndChildPovCA

simplified entry application

Getting help when your family is in financial crisis can be a part-time job filled with paperwork and appointments. That’s why the #ChildPovertyPlan includes a simplified entry application for services to cut red tape. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @Western_Center @YPIusa @EndChildPovCA @cwda

home visiting

Voluntary home visiting provides critical prenatal & neonatal support to ensure kids have the building blocks to help them thrive. It’s proven that #HomeVisitingWorks. That’s why expanding it is part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @YPIusa @Latinas4RJ @CDFCA @First5LA @BW4WLA @First5CA @First5LA @wellchildorg @childrennow @TheWomensFndtn

health care

Health care is a human right and all kids deserve it. People living in poverty need access to preventive care–it helps kids stay healthy and reduces ER costs. That’s why expanding coverage is part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. #Health4All Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @Calendow, @HealthAccess, @wellchildorg @childrennow

juvenile justice fees

Charging families juvenile justice fees does nothing to help kids. It only hurts poor families. The fees are harmful, unlawful, and costly. That’s why they’re eliminated as part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. Sign on to support the plan:

Organizations to tag: @YouthJusticeLA @Western_Center @CDFCA @CABMOCFunders @CPOC_Probation @NCYLnews @AntiRecidivism @EBCLCnews @LCCRBayArea

foster care

When foster kids age out of care, they can face huge challenges. That’s why the #EndChildPovertyPlan includes increased #fostercare support so young adults can avoid #homelessness. Our kids need support as they transition to adulthood. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @kidalliance, Advocates for Youth, @childrennow, California Coalition for Youth, United Ways of California, UW of Greater LA

Parents caring for a foster child shouldn’t lose wages because a new child in their home doesn’t have child care. The Child Care Bridge Program makes sure foster families have child care. That’s why it’s part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. Find out more:

Organizations to tag: @KidAlliance @childrennow @CCRC @CDFCA @First5CA @First5LA @CCRC4KIDS

workforce development

A good-paying job with opportunity is critical for working parents. That’s why workforce development is part of the #EndChildPovertyPlan. CA needs to invest in training, job development, and career pathways to support long-term upward economic mobility.

Organizations to tag: @LA Chamber @RubiconPrograms (#BreakPoverty)

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