Make Child Poverty A Priority

Sign the petition and tell the next governor of California that no child should live in poverty. Demand that each candidate take the pledge to end child poverty:

Factoring in cost of living, California has the highest poverty rate in America—especially for children. In November, we will elect a new governor who will determine whether we break the cycle or continue to accept that generation after generation will be worse off than their parents and grandparents.

This year, California established a nonpartisan Task Force of leading experts to finally end deep poverty in our state. They will spend the year meeting together, conducting research, and crafting a blueprint for lasting change.

That plan will be delivered to the Legislature on November 1st, and the next governor will be the person to decide whether or not to implement it. So yes, the future of child poverty in California rests on the shoulders of whomever we elect this year.

We need to make sure our incoming governor will work to champion a plan that will ensure no child in California lives in poverty and that all have the resources and opportunities to thrive.

Sign the petition and tell California’s next governor we demand real solutions to end child poverty:

We know that real, lasting change will only occur if elected officials feel immense public pressure coming from all of us. Add your name now.