Do Your Taxes for Free. Get Your Money.

If budgets are tight in your family—and for most Californians, they are—then you probably dread tax season. But if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, taking the time to claim a good return can keep food on the table.

It takes an expert’s eye to get it right, but not everyone can hire an accountant. Luckily, our partners are forward-thinking organizations around California that provide low- or no-cost tax-prep services to community members.

So, embrace this tax season. Take a look to see if you’re eligible for services in your area, which could potentially save your family thousands of dollars.

CalEITC4Me offers information on the Earned Income Tax Credit and a tool that finds free tax-prep services.

United Way of California
The United Way offers free tax software for households earning less than $66,000 annually. They’ll also help you find an IRS-certified tax expert at a volunteer income tax assistance site near you. Shout out to our partners United Way of Greater Los Angeles, United Way Bay Area, and United Way Capital Region for their tireless tax-prep work!

Rubicon Programs
Financial coaches through Rubicon Programs in the Bay Area coordinate volunteer income tax assistance.

Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County maintains a list of local parishes that host free tax-preparation services.

So you got your refund. Great! Check out these tips on how to make the most of your EITC from our friends at YPI.

If affordable tax-preparation services help you save money and make ends meet each year, let us know. Tweet us, Facebook us, or email us to show how your tax savings made a difference. Use the hashtag #ItsYourMoneyGetIt. When we can point to the successes of anti-poverty tools, politicians listen. Even better, it pushes them to sustain or even expand the benefits—and make real progress toward ending child poverty.